Want to Submit a Guarantee Fund Loan?

An ID card is a great choice for many people who need urgent funds. Aside from just needing a credit card for a loan application, the process is quite easy and fast. How many providers can lend with just an ID?

Of course, all Indonesian citizens have a Resident Identity Card or National ID. A national ID is usually used as a person’s identity card. However, for some people, the IDS can be used as a tool to obtain loans. How is that possible? Do you want to get an ID? That’s right Dude, you can lend with your ID as collateral.

People’s need for cash is inevitable


The higher the need, the less we need to have an emergency fund in case something goes wrong. What if you don’t have an emergency fund? You don’t want to have to lend it, do you? Most money lending agencies are usually one of the conditions for a loan that is a guarantee. This time Good Finance will be commenting on some of the IDS that can be applied for. Let’s go!

Mortgage Guarantee Credit from Cooperative

Mortgage Guarantee Credit from Cooperative

Usually, financial institutions such as cooperatives will use IDs to verify customer data. In the midst of this growing demand and economy, more and more people are in need of online money lending. Here are some ways you can get an ID card.

  • Communicate with the Loan Provider

The first step you need to do is find a contact number that can be contacted by the cooperative marketing team. You can find the contact number through relatives or neighbors. Typically, cooperative marketing will market and socialize the loan from house to house. Don’t forget to look for marketing contacts from high-credit cooperatives, yes!

  • Negotiate To Loan A Fund

Call him or her right away to ask for the ID card. You must first introduce your own identity. After that, consult with the co-operative on the loan program with a government-issued ID only.

Alternatively, you can also lend your desired funds. Typically for small cooperative categories with ID cards only, prospective customers can only borrow between USD100 and USD1 million.

  • Preparing the Data as a Completed Administration

Even if you have already applied for the loan, the cooperative will definitely recommend that you submit it in writing. The written submission here is usually done as a formality only. The most important thing is when you want to borrow with an ID regarding your home or residence. Do a loan with a home security loan around your home, as your chances of getting a loan are much greater.

Explain that You Get Friend Recommendations

Explain that You Get Friend Recommendations

The recommendation of a friend is enough to increase the chances of success of the loan, too! It’s best to have your friend recommended by someone who also borrows the place. The recommendation of this friend is very influential in increasing the level of trust of the cooperative. Please note that the friend in question has a very good track record when it comes to lending.

  • Waiting for Fund Disbursement Process

When you have applied for a loan and completed the terms of your administration, you will have to wait for the funds to be liquidated. Usually, for a nominal loan under $ 500, the disbursement process is not very long. Especially if you use the online cooperative fund lending system.

  • Disbursement of Fund Loans

Remember that once you get a loan, all you have to do is pay off your loan. Customers will usually get a loan with a period of between 1 and 3 months only. We recommend that you install discipline in order to have a good track record in the future. The goal is that when you have a hard time and are desperate for money, it will be easier to borrow it.

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