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Relationship between debt consolidation and welfare protection

Debt consolidation and livelihood protection are legal remedies taken against those who are troubled by money.

However, some people are in trouble because they are trying to use both systems and do not know what to do.

So, here we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to proceed with how to deal with debt consolidation and welfare protection, how to deal with attorney fees, etc.

On debt consolidation during welfare period

First of all, there are cases where people who are receiving welfare protection still consider debt reduction by debt consolidation if they still have debts.

However, we can not process arbitrary sorting and personal revitalization. .

Because it is necessary for these procedures to repay three to five years merely by reducing debt, but because welfare payment can not basically repay debts (debt repayment) .

Discussion is divided about this point, but I write in detail in this article.

Is it prohibited to repay debts with welfare funds? What is the legal basis?

Therefore, debt consolidation procedures that can be done during the life protection period are basically only bankrupt .

What is the cost of self-bankruptcy?

However, if you do self-insolence during the period of receiving welfare protection, attorneys’ fees will be charged.

Lawyer costs will cost hundreds of thousands of yen, so for those who do not have money due to livelihood protection, I think that the cost aspect will become quite uneasy.

In such a case, if you talk to the legal terrace, you will be able to get the attorney fee upgraded.

Also, normally, the expenses you have redeemed on the legal terrace will be like paying installment payments.

However, for people receiving welfare protection, there is a system to exempt reimbursement expenses from redemption, so please check the details on the legal terrace.

What about overpaid money?

Some people receiving welfare protection also have overpaid funds (interest paid too much) on debts previously paid back.

In the case of a child, you can receive overpayment money, but it will be certified as income .

Therefore, as long as you can live with overpayment money, receiving welfare expenses will be stopped or you will be refunded to the government office.

What is life protection during debt consolidation?

Next is about whether you can receive welfare protection during debt consolidation, but the way of thinking is the same for this point.

In principle, repayment of debts can not be done when you receive welfare protection.

So, after self-bankruptcy, it will be the flow to receive welfare protection, or if you take any of the procedures of voluntary arrangement or individual revitalization, if you receive welfare protection, you will be asked to do the bankruptcy procedure again Become.

Simply put, it is recommended that self-bankruptcy be carried out through legal terraces, since welfare recipients can not repay debt in principle.

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