Payday loan debt consolidation

Paying off payday loans debt consolidation -Need to combine payday loans?

Would you like to better manage your payments and are you looking for information on Payday Loan Consolidation? Payday loan consolidation is a financial solution that allows you to get a new loan with which to pay off all the payday loans accumulated and repay the sum in a single payment.

This unique payment solution also allows you to obtain lower interest rates and therefore profitable rates. Recourse to debt consolidation allows you to close all the required loans and open another one completely new and with a single subject with which to choose a new payment method, new installments and new times.

Can Harrison also consolidate its debt or not? How should we act to consolidate our debt with Harrison? Let’s see it together in this guide of ours.

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We talk about the payday loan consolidation offer published on PaydayLoan-Consolidation, and how to make it available. By continuing to read our guide you will understand how to move and you will discover what you need to know to solve your problems.

Payday loan consolidation is generally required by those who find themselves in a complicated debt situation full of deadlines, and the subject is commonly found with multiple monthly payments to meet and often fails to pay.

It may even happen that those who find themselves in this situation even require a personal loan that is going to strangle the person even more and make the economic situation even more difficult. How can you get out of it? The only way to improve the situation is to resort to debt consolidation.

With debt consolidation you can thus extinguish all the previous accumulated debts and choose a new monthly installment to be paid by opening a new loan: it is, therefore, possible to find yourself with a lower monthly payment than the total sum of previous payments.

By resorting to debt consolidation it is consequently possible to have enough money to close the accumulated debts. Thanks to this procedure, the subject manages to have a new debt plan, can talk to a single creditor, choose a new interest rate and a new number of installments to deal with.

This also offers the possibility of lowering the installment and lengthening the restitution time, helping the subject to improve his economic situation and solve a series of problems.

The new installment will be the one you choose based on your possibilities, so it will be the one you really manage to pay with your income. Debt consolidation generally also helps to avoid being registered as bad payers and to escape all the financial woes that come with it.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

Proposes its debt consolidation offer, with a fixed rate that allows the debt to be paid off by using small monthly installments to repay the sum. The loan with a fixed interest rate can have a duration of up to 10 years and amounts up to € 100,000 can be requested.

It is a loan with insurance coverage, with a Taeg of 12.24%. The Harrison In Novo debt consolidation loan offers three different interesting advantages:

  • The fixed rate;
  • A new sustainable installment;
  • An easy investigation.

This type of loan focuses on the ease of understanding and management which is one of the strengths of In Novo. Only a few documents are needed for the preliminary investigation, the procedures are quick and easy to understand.

Times to get it and options available

The timing of the concession is very rapid and the staff is ready to explain every single step for the request of debt consolidation. There are also many optional options that can be combined with the debt consolidation required. You can choose between:

  • Reload option , which allows you to ask the bank for more information on the new credit even six months after delivery;
  • Flexi option, which allows you to request the postponement of installment payment or multiple installments if there is a need after the first 12 months (the request requires the payment of a commission of 30 euros).

Loan duration and interest rates

the consolidation starts from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 60 months (or 5 years) for small loans up to 10 thousand euros, and a minimum duration of 6 months to a maximum of 120 months (then 10 years) for loan applications of an amount between over 10 thousand euros and up to 100 thousand euros.

The annual interest rate is 10.49% and is not subject to periodic capitalization, the default rate is instead equal to the annual nominal rate. To open the contract, the preliminary fees must be paid, which are equal to 0.50% of the requested amount and must be paid each year.

The rate is fixed and is, therefore, a guarantee that allows you to easily plan expenses while remaining calm. Once the contract is signed, the rate cannot be changed for the duration of the requested loan.

The debt consolidation of the bank can be requested up to 100 thousand euros. The customer can choose in advance the cost of the monthly installments which are constant and also immutable. To obtain more information on the consolidation of debts with it is advisable to ask the branch directly or consult the card dedicated to personal loans directly on the website.

Individuals can also call 800.900.900, while the number 800.902.901 is reserved for companies. To calculate the installment you can also try to fill in the special form made available by on the site.

Documents to present

Finally, we advise you to carefully check the TAN and the APR to find the rates best suited to your specific needs. To apply for debt consolidation you must always submit:

  • A copy of your salary or pension (self-employed workers can provide the Unique Model);
  • A valid identity document;
  • Funding documents to be paid.

Before choosing a loan it is important to evaluate the various loans of different banks and different institutions, including online ones. In this way you will be sure that you have evaluated all the possibilities and have chosen the best solution for you.

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