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Payday for those in debt – check how it works – Debt Consolidations

A loan for those in debt is nothing more than an online payday loan from a non-bank company or other financial institution that deals with borrowing money.

Banks that operate on the basis of banking law may not grant loans to persons with bad credit history, indebted persons, the unemployed or having a bailiff.

Good Finances, which operate on the basis of the Civil Code, may introduce payday loans of the indebted to their offer and grant them to borrowers after verification of their income only.

Short term debt for debtors – what conditions must I meet?


Contrary to appearances, in order to receive a loan for those in debt, you do not have to submit special certificates or documents. First of all, you should meet two basic conditions – be at least 18 years old and be a Polish citizen. In some cases, you may not even need information about your income.

Instantaneous proof of debt for the indebted is granted on the basis of the data contained in the identity card, which will be later confirmed by a verification transfer.

If you want to facilitate and significantly speed up the loan granting process, it is worth having a bank account in your name. Borrowed funds will be transferred to this account, and the Good Finance will be able to verify your data based on the data you provided in the bank.

Payday loans for those in debt in GC – the lender are not only in GFI looking for information on loans taken before. Some loan institutions also check this information in the Good Finance or GC.

If you know that you have a problem with timely repayment of your obligations, then certainly this message will be visible in GFI and GC. However, this is not an obstacle to getting a loan for those in debt – many Good Finances offer payday loans without checking your credit history.

Short term debt – how to receive?


A quick payday loan is granted in the same way as a regular payday. A borrower who wants to apply for a loan must submit a loan application online, in person or by phone (these are so-called payday loans for those in debt).

If you decide to take advantage of the payday loan offer online, you will need to complete an online registration form on the basis of which the lender will be able to verify your details.

You will need an ID card because you will need to provide data such as name, address of residence and registered address, number and series of ID card and PESEL number. For a Good Finance, information about your source of income will also be extremely important – you will have to indicate whether you work under a contract of employment, a mandate, are you a student or maybe a pensioner.

Payday loans for the unemployed and indebted – if you do not have a stable income or your income is very low, you can apply for a loan based on last year’s PIT or account statement. However, it may happen that this data is not sufficient and the loan will not be granted.

In the next step, you will be asked to perform a verification transfer, to which the borrowed funds will be transferred. This stage is extremely important! Remember to make a transfer from your account (created on your data) and at the same time from the same one that you provided in the credit form. Good Finance incl. on this basis, it verifies the compliance of your data.

Payday loans for those in debt at GFI and GC – in the next stage, your application will be verified by an employee of the loan company and your credit history will be checked in the Credit Information Bureau or the Good Finance. The fact that payday loans are granted to people with a negative credit history does not mean that the applicant’s details cannot be checked there.

It may happen that the lender who offers payday loans without debit collectors without GFI and GC will still check your data. However, this should not affect the verification result. In the last stage, you will receive a confirmation via SMS or via e-mail about the decision. If it is positive, you can expect funds on your account the same day.

Online payday loans for debts – pros and cons


A payday has a lot of advantages. Thanks to simple and intuitive online forms available on the lenders’ websites, the whole operation of applying for a loan takes a few minutes.

You do not have to submit any documents or certificates, all you need is your ID card. What’s more, thanks to payday pay you can quickly pay off your previous debt, even if you have a bailiff you can get payday payables with a bailiff.

However, instant cash for online debtors has its disadvantages that should be borne in mind. Because it is so easy to get it, you can quickly fall into the so-called debt spiral. This is a very common case because payday loans are given for a short period of time and often the borrower cannot cope with repayment on such short notice.

In addition, payday loans have no insurance – the bank that provides the loan in its offer also has insurance against job loss or illness, and in special cases, you can suspend repayment of loan installments for some period. This option is unfortunately not possible for payday loans provided by Good Finances.

Help for those in debt – if you have outstanding commitments then you need to know that the overdue loan repayment will have consequences.

Therefore, remember that there is also a debt consolidation option. If you do not know which option to choose, and your financial situation is very bad, remember not to run away from debt – ask for help from a bank or take advantage of free assistance provided by municipal offices or other similar institutions.

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