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A small retrospective of a few years: Who in the past had to make a major purchase and took out a loan , wrapped up in silence in silence about this type of financing. So came a corresponding demand from the circle of acquaintances about this new acquisition and their funding was rarely completely open and freely talked about it. Often the prejudice that those who need to take out a loan is simply not able to deal with their money and to make appropriate reserves. The inclusion of a installment loan was therefore more of a blemish and therefore you just did not really talk about it. But times are changing and this shows the current low interest rate situation more than impressive. Suddenly the installment loan is in “fashion” . It is consumed by means of cheap installment loans, what the stuff holds and who does not, is ridiculed again. After the realization that finally it had never been so cheap to finance long planned purchases by means of a very reasonable installment loan. But in all positive market conditions for the acceptance of a installment loan should be noted that this is still borrowed money and therefore NOTHING has lost from his dangers!

Installment loans are “hip”

Installment loans are "hip"


If you interpret the current credit statistics objectively, it can be clearly seen that the inhibition threshold to take a installment loan, for consumers drops significantly and in return, the loan amounts rise. Ergo, it can be concluded that people increasingly overlook the dangers of excessive consumption on credit. No question, then, that the installment loan has become acceptable and the lending business has become equally attractive to banks and customers. Hardly a medium in which is not aggressively advertised for any type of loans, and this almost exclusively with the reference to the historically low interest rate. Installment loans are currently the hit. On the one hand, of course, with the borrowers who want to indulge quickly in a new car, an expensive holiday or even a new facility, as well as with the lenders, which now include online payment services such as Paypal in addition to the banks.

The dangers of installment credit remain


 The dangers of installment credit remain


But just when loans are offered at any point to supposedly favorable conditions and you also uses these offers, very quickly creates the danger of losing track. It has run several loans in parallel and then may realize too late that the total sum of all payable loan installments far exceed their own financial resources. Due to the many loan entries at SCHUFA , the so-called credit score or credit score changes, which makes every subsequent loan more expensive. Which usually happens, because most installment loans today are given with credit-based interest rates. So if it comes to the situation of having to regulate its debts by means of a credit summary, an interest rate could come to fruition, which completely nullifies the alleged interest rate advantage from the previous loans, when the own credit rating was still good! In this respect, even in times of low interest rates the installment loan should always be kept cool. Not every desired purchase is also a mandatory purchase – attractive credit terms or not!


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