Be Careful! You Must Be Smart Recognize Fraud Mode to Borrow Money Online

In today’s extremely sophisticated world, anything can be done online. Not only shopping online but applying for a loan can also be done online without having to come to the bank. Online money lending is done by an online financial institution or commonly called Good Finance / Financial Technology. One is, of course, Good Credit. We provide loans with simple procedures and fast counting processes that make it easy for customers to transact.

However, this is often misused by unscrupulous parties by using the money lending mode online. Therefore, you should be able to see and recognize the features of online money lending fraudulent loan fraud.

When you want to make a quick loan online

When you want to make a quick loan online

You will first have to contact Customer Service from the lender to find out what the product is offering. When looking for this information, you need to be aware of the lender’s behavior.

Usually in this section, they will not elaborate on the loan product they have. But by the time they follow up on the loan application, they will overreact by forcing you to become a borrower.

Send Unofficial Email

At the follow-up of the loan application, the lender will contact you by telephone and e-mail the official company. But not with the lender in fraudulent mode, they will send the company unofficial e-mail. Examples of official emails like xxxx @ Good Credit become personal e-mails like xxxx@gmail.com .

Ignore Loan History

One of the requirements to be able to borrow money in a bank or Financial Technology is to have a good credit history or loan history. Frequently there are potential borrowers whose loan applications are rejected due to poor credit records. Authorized lenders always view and review their lender’s lending history by accessing the Debtor Information System (SID) or performing BI checking.

But this does not apply to lenders who have a fraudulent mode. They will definitely give you a fool if they ignore your loan history. This is why many people get caught up in the scam of fast money lending online.

Requiring Debtor Candidates to Pay Some Cash As Requirements

Requiring Debtor Candidates to Pay Some Cash As Requirements

Another thing that fake lenders do to make their identity clear is by requiring a potential lender or customer to pay some money as a condition of disbursement. The reason is to simplify the administration process.

You should know, when doing online lending, there are some administrative costs, but it is only a small amount of money and other things that are not huge. So, if you are charged a large sum of money in advance, they are definitely intended to commit fraud.

Typically, these terms will be approved and paid off immediately by the prospective lender as they are promised large loan numbers. For example, you are asked to pay $ 2 million and you are promised a loan of $ 50 million. 

Request Banking Pin

Banking pins or passwords are personal items that you cannot share with others. Including when you make a transaction or lend a loan, if they ask you to tell them your banking pin, never tell them. You should be suspicious and be wary of lenders who ask for a bank pin or password that you have for the purpose of lending to your bank. In most cases, the requested data is just a name, phone number, e-mail address. Banking pins or passwords are personal and should not be disclosed to others.

With such scams, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money online. You just need to be careful and more careful when applying for an online loan. Once you know the features of a fake online loan, you should also know how to avoid it. Here are some ways to keep in mind before applying for an online loan.

Get to Know the Sites That Offer Loans Online

Get to Know the Sites That Offer Loans Online

There are many online lending sites so you should choose them carefully. Select a trusted site and already have permission to operate from OJK. You can verify them by contacting the office number listed on their official site. Please also note the office address listed on the site. If the site description does not have a clear office address, you should be careful.

Learn Their Procedures

When applying for a loan online, you must first learn how the service works because if you do not understand it fully, you will surely fall victim to this fraudulent mode.

Do Not Be Anxious With The Services Offered

The simplest key is not to be easily fooled by the lures promised by the lender. The tricks given are usually neglected debt history, unnecessary paperwork, lack of minimum wage requirements, a ridiculous amount of cashback, and many more tricks that can easily tempt you.

Well, that is the mode of fraud that is often perpetrated by irresponsible agencies and claims to be an online lending institution. 

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